About Nick

Hi, I’m Nick Melnick, a technology leader and tinkerer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My day consists of rebuilding the software foundation for the Geezeo division of Jack Henry and Associates, and advising Comecero on software, technology, security, and infrastructure. The content and opinions on this site, however, are my own. I occasionally write about technology, entrepreneurship, vintage computers, cars, community, and where all the time has gone.

Software and Hardware I use daily
The Vintage Collection


I have over twenty years of experience in software and IT, and over fifteen years of leadership experience across a diverse portfolio including e-commerce, compliance, health, and fintech.

Previously, I’ve been a Director of Software Engineering at SPS Commerce, a Director of Development at Digital River, and a System Architect at G2 Web Services. I’ve worked on a ton of small companies and startups throughout Seattle and Minneapolis, and it’s very likely that you haven’t heard of them or they’ve disappeared entirely.

I built a social networking site before it was cool, and let it die because I had rent to pay. You may have heard of it if you were around in the early aughts.

I am always open to coffee or chats about opportunities you’d like to discuss, never hesitate to reach out. I currently reside in Toronto, but visit other places as often as I can.